• Obedience  training, puppy experience, problems/issues related to possession,  territoriality, prey drive, anxiety, dogs and kids, dog-dog issues, dog  and other pets or animals.
  • Training  can be done with family members involved. Or, for convenience, speed,  and effectiveness, I can train your dog for you (Day Training).
  • Prices below:

1-2 Hour Intake
I listen, observe, ask questions and talk about a course of action
60 Minute Follow-Up 

90 Minute Follow-Up 


* Follow-up training is based upon an agreed-upon course of action. Prepaid discount packages available 
**  Please note that in order for Day Training to transfer from me and your  dog to you and your dog, it will be necessary that you and I meet so  that you can practice and reinforce the learned behavior together with  your dog. This will ensure that any training that I do will continue  to be successful and long term.


  • Basic dog walks for one or multiple dogs
  • I also offer up to 5 mile runs for dogs that need that.
  • Multiple dog walks available (up to 4 big dogs and 6 smaller dogs...pack walks)
  • Prices Below:

30 Minutes
Run or Walk
60 Minutes
Run or Walk


  • I offer in-home dog boarding on a select basis, including overnight
  • Combination of boarding and training is available
  • Price depends on length of stay and the needs of the dog(s).

***  Any combination of Training/Walking/Boarding is available. Prices will  be determined based on the needs of the dog, length of stay,  your goals, etc…