My  family "pack": I have three children whom I homeschool, one lively male  APBT (aka AmStaff) we rescued from Oakland Animal Shelter, a Napoleon  kitten, and two beautiful corn snakes.
As a single, homeschooling mom  with a business, I understand how complex people’s lives can be and  finding (oftentimes creative) ways in which to problem solve in order to  make things work is, well, the difference between something working out  or not working at all!  
I have had a passion for animals and  wildlife for as long as I can remember.  And, I started dog training  when I was just 16 years old.  Transitioning from “old school” methods  to “new school” methods quite a few years ago, I only practice positive  training (which includes non force), including positive discipline, as  opposed to aversive training methods (those that use or promote the idea  of dominance, choke chains, etc.).  My goal is to help people have a  relationship with their dog (s).  When there is a relationship, the dog  is choosing to obey his/her human leader out of love and loyalty and the  dog respects his human leader.  There is no fear or pain.    

I  feel a strong intuitive connection with and empathy for both people and  animals and these help me to both relate to and also understand both.  I  also have what's referred to as, “text book” knowledge (I’ve studied  animal behavior out of both a fascination and also a desire to "read"  canine behavior, body language). I have experience (through my own pets,  clients' pets, schooling, and training).  I have been a pet sitter, dog  walker, dog groomer, and dog trainer for over 20 years. Lastly, I am a  good listener.  It is my belief that the combination of all of these  allows me to not only relate to both humans and their pets but to also  suggest training methods and solutions that will be both reasonable and  effective.    

Dog behavior and training is my passion.  I find  it amazing and fascinating, challenging and awesome.  Many people view  their pets as members of their families (I know I do) and I also know  that when things aren’t going well with those pets (either between the  dog and the humans or the dog and other pets in the home), it can result  in a lot of stress and anxiety among the members of that family, human  and non human alike.  My goal is to facilitate those relationships,  helping to create a functional and happy environment (ideally starting  in puppyhood if possible), and maybe even being an integral part of  keeping the family together (rather than placing an animal in another  home or the shelter, though sometimes that is necessary).    

I  have experience with puppies (getting them off on the right paw!), adult  dogs (yes, young or old, dogs can learn and should!), obedience  training (so you have a well mannered dog with whom you can trust and  communicate), tricks (just for fun!), leash walking issues (boy are  these common!) and "aggression" (possession, guarding, territoriality,  fear).  I also have experience with dog-dog issues, with children and  dogs, as well as dogs with other non canine members of the family.   

​I  am an honest, talented, reliable person.  I would love the opportunity  to work with you and your canine (K9!) either through training or dog  walking or both.  So give me a call (or email) if you have a need and I  am sure we can find a solution together.