I  will create a customized dog training program with the following in  mind: your hopes and goals, the breed of dog, his/her temperament  and history, any issues at hand, your household environment (including  the various family members), your time constraints, and what's  reasonable for all involved. And, because I am fully committed to  both your and your dog's success, I offer lifetime support at no  additional charge through phone, email, and text.​

During  our first meeting, I will provide my Intake and Liability  Release forms. The Liability Release forms must be signed before we can  proceed.

The  owner will need to provide and be responsible for any necessary  equipment, including leashes, collars, clickers, training treats, treat  bags, etc. I can assist with where to purchase such items and, with  certain arrangements (including full reimbursement), can also purchase  them for the owner.

All  training, dog walking, and boarding (with or without training) services  are paid in advance.  48 hour notice and confirmation of cancellation  required in order to reschedule at no charge; if shorter than 48 hour  notice and confirmation of cancellation, client forfeits paid amount.  I  will do my best to work with you as I know that life can be  unpredictable but I also hope my clients will understand my constraints  in that regard as well.